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Connect. Learn. Build. Improve.

Our purpose is to help you to develop yourself to the best of your abilities. Whether you want to improve yourself physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, energetically, etc… you will always find a course to support you climb a step further to the highest and best version of yourself.

Where the ISW comes from


...a time when women would break free from the old concepts of female competition, and come together, embracing their nature, and sharing their knowledge and passion with one another

...and to have a place where women could explore, learn, grow, prosper and  heal one another. A place where we could  integrate the diversity of what really means TO BE A WOMAN.

Well, now we have it:
International School for Women!

Why choose International school for women

Our Mission

A safe space

Our mission is to structure a safe place where women can come as they are, taking themselves into an adventure of passion by opening their hearts and expressing the wholeness of their true being. Because we believe that what we do for ourselves we do for all others

To be your true self

When a woman opens her heart and expresses her truth, her true self, she opens space to other women to do the same. That’s when the magic and healing begins to happen

And grow esponentially

We are committed to grow exponentially as we gather and integrate the different aspects, interests and wisdom which come from the feminine natural expression

Our Vision


We welcome women from all cultures, backgrounds, ages, race, etc
Allowing women to learn more about how to be at peace with who they are and with others. Spreading their knowledge and wisdom with each and everyone, harmonizing relationships.

Our Values


To drop any resemblance of the old concepts of rivality, competition and comparison between women. And instead, enhance appreciation, motivation, inspiration and integration between them by safely holding space to the recognition of their uniqueness and individuality


When women come together in a place of full acceptance of which they are at every moment of time in, they ignite the infinite power, beauty and wisdom that already exist inside each of them.


We are a school of LOVE and / as INTEGRATION
who we are

The Founders

Andyara Amante (Prem Devi) is a holistic therapist that helps people to find out more about themselves through a diversity of self-knowledge tools and meditations which improve the quality of their personal self relationship as well as their relationship with others and life in general.She is the developer of the Meditation Theta Journey and Vibrational Frequencies and Sounds enhancing Healing. Sharing Yoga is always natural for her and her love for it drew her path as Heart of Living Yoga Teacher Trainer and Heart of Healing Teacher. Always ready to embrace and discover the natural path of Life in a free and playful way experiencing all senses of being alive, imagining and dreaming new possibilities, she is open and welcoming in supporting whoever is interested in self-discovery, self-knowledge and self-healing for the freedom of being who we really are!
Andyara & Isa
Isa and Andyara have met through work in 2005 and their friendship and spiritual connection has just been enhancing since…
Since 2017 they have organised live events together as an opportunity for their expressions and ways of engaging with life to overflow towards more and more people that resonate and search for authenticity. And how else could they continue to express themselves in this path if not by bringing their togetherness to this open and vast virtual world? Welcoming you to show up to your own self!
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Isa Vieira ( Mumuksha) is a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an economist, a traveller, a dreamer, cofounder of this platform.
She is a Heart of Living Teacher and a Practitioner of EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Matrix Birth Reimprinting, Light Matrix and other techniques. And she loves to combine them all.
She began her journey studying and practicing different kinds of therapies, meditation and personal development more than two decades ago. She was looking for someone or something that could "fix" her, until she understood that what she needed was space and self acceptance for her to "be".
She has always suffered with her body image, and solved her eternal war with the scale and the mirror simply by using EFT combined with visualization. This was the turning point that led her to dedicate herself professionally to personal development.
Today she loves helping women make peace with themselves, improve self-esteem, live their passion and have a less stressed life.
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The Team

Rita is a rebel romantic dreamer, a passionate creative, an unstoppable learner, a freedompreneur and a planet carer. When she got to important decisions in her life, she has always listened to her heart no matter anything and nobody else. She has a natural optimism, an inner trust and strong resilience that have been her life assets. She spent the majority of her life, showing up her "masculine/yan" aspects of her character, till she met Andyara and learnt to welcome, accept and love also her "feminine/yin" part. But she realized the entire world was needing that yin energy. So first, she joined a wordlwide femal movement, then offered her support to realize the Andyara´s dream to build an e-learning platform that could be also a massive global female community. In her next future, she is going to travel around the world with her partner by their sailboat, to open an hostel in Gran Canaria, to take the way of St. James, to volunteer somewhere in the world and finally having a rest in her own finca currently under construction.
Having spent her childhood in ballet, Andréa Rodrigues Pinto after graduating as a Doctor and specialising in Ophthalmology, goes in search of other achievements, such as “Teatro and Canto”, Drama and Singing, moving to Lisbon-Portugal for 5 years to deepen this work. Upon returning to Brazil, she graduated in Psychodrama, with the aim of integrating Stage and Healing, also carrying out studies in Acupuncture, Iridology, Buddhism, Sufism and Psychology, especially Reichian Psychology, thus making an Integration in her Therapeutic Work between Voice-Singing, Body-Stage, Meditations-Spirituality, and Psychology - Awakening of Self - Discovery of your Inherent Path. With a therapeutic focus on searching for what makes that unique and singular individual feel, vibrate, pulsate. This has been her Work with lots of Love and Surrender the present day.

What we do

Upon knowing the passion of one another, we recognize the passion in us, we awake it in oneness. As we embrace our passion, we heal ourselves. And by doing this for ourselves, we do it for all other women.
As we follow our passions, without attachment to any outcome, we are in tune with the Universe, with divine love.

And in this moment, we recognize the Goddess within us, and enter the real flow of the Sacred Feminine.

Come join us in this path of self knowledge and self love.

In this school we share

our passion from our  heart
so we create a path of recognition from every angle of the feminine

OUR social commitment and GROWING PLAN

Social Projects

We have been supporting many projects leaded from women all around the world since the 2018 through Heart of Living Yoga Foundation and now with our school we want to share the 10% of our ingross earnings with them to speed up their growth. We also have in plan new projects to support the young generations of women but also for creating a school just for men. Take a deeper look at our Social Projects and future plans.

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