a safe space for sharing

The unique e-learning platform tailored by women for women. A safe space for women to experience the freedom of sharing and interacting as one

Here you will find a community of regular women, experts and tutors with a diversity of contents, techniques and experiences which will help and guide you into deep exploration of women’s contentment

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recruiting process

By Invitation

These amazing women which we call "pioneers" were all invited to be part of our school. They were not invited because of the connection and the relationship that we have with them.

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They were spot into our hearts and minds once we were navigating through a range of subjects that we wanted to have here as doors for our portal.
We needed to gather women that were passionate about these subjects.
Women that live their passion from their hearts as a full time work or as an extra extended part of their daily lives to honour their true core feelings inside themselves.

And one by one was coming up with a YES after another. We did hear a few NO but they haven’t fulfilled a hand. The huge amount of “yes, of course”, “absolutely”, “that is what I have been waiting for so long”, “how could I say no to such a magnificent needed idea”, etc, etc, etc…
All these YES gave us a propulsion that we needed to fire up our ideas into reality through a very hard and pleasurable work.

But we want you to know that our vision for an upcoming future doesn’t hold just authors invited by us.

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We want YOU here too!

We want you to welcome your passion, your bravery, your unique self expression to empower more women just like you, like us. And for that you will soon hear from us about how you can become part of this amazing passionate team of the International School for Women.
who they are

Meet our pioneers authors


Photographer, yoga teacher-learner


Reiki practitioner, passionate about evolutionary numerology and angelic channeling

Amy Halnan

Nutritional therapist and wellbeing coach

Ana Carolina Manzani

Women, wife and mother

Ana Claudia dos Santos

Micro businesswoman in clothes creation

Ana Eliza Righetti

Energy therapist, quantum apometry, ayurveda and yoga

Andrea Amante


Angela Jacques Bellini

Physical education teacher and physiotherapist

Anya Estermann

Integral Yoga teacher and Yoga teacher-trainer

Bia Barnes

Artist, singer, reiki master

Cainara Burton

Yoga teacher and Children's Yoga expert

Carol Raffaelli

Psychologist, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, reiki master

D.ra Maria Carolina

Dermatologist doctor


Ayurvedic therapist and actress

Gisele Pires

Expert in personal development and missionary

Harshani Curbishley-Brown

Reiki master teacher trainer, yoga teacher, cognitive hypnotherapist, havening practitioner, NLP and Time line practitioner, sound therapist

Iga Cwynar

Qoya teacher and devoted mum

Isaya Gabriel

Spiritual artist, crafter, magico-pragmatic mindset, business coach, goddess teacher

Jo Pitcher

Holistic Practitioner, health and wellbeing passionate, Moon Mother, Yoga and meditation teacher, havening techniques practitioner

Julie Martins

Plastic artist and art educator, psychopedagogue, missionary, art therapist

Kali Nicholson

Mum, Montessori trained, drama teacher, singer

Karolina Ploch

5 Elements Dance Activation facilitator, gestalt and psychotherapist student

Marli Miotta

Mum, art therapist, literature and arts passionate,

Mimi Biasi

Entrepreneur, Reiki, studious and passionate about female self-esteem, holistic therapist

Morena Miotta


Oneide Perin

Financial planner, holistic therapist in Quantum apometry, Shama therapy, and biodynamic craniosacral transmutation therapy

Padma Devi

Yoga teacher, Yoga teacher trainer, kinesiologist, mum and grandmother

Pepa Rosa Dominguez - Jagadamba

Craniosacral, NLP, Etiotherapy, Quantum healing therapist, Yoga teacher

Roberta Lopez


Ruth Manorama Bush

Love and authencity practitioner/coach, somatic yoga teacher, reiki 1 and 2 practitioner, hypopressives facilitator and counsellor


Teacher of English & Meditation. Multiple Intelligence Coach, Energy Healer and writer

Samantha Hilbert

Therapist and teacher


Follower and practiser of Islam

Silvia Moreno

Dancer, integral yoga instructor, reiki

Tania Barker

Freedom activator and queen of resiliency

Zydrune Seibutiene

Entrepeneur and pastry chef
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