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Our Founders

Andyara (Prem Devi) and Isa (Mumuksha) , founders of the International School For Women

On our first Blog post, here, in this sacred space we have created especially for you, we want to share a little bit of the journey of our founders together.

Their mission is to share the best knowledge, wisdom and practices that they have learned from decades of studies and experiences as well as to create a space where women can build up a border free community full of opportunities to share their own wisdom with many others. Isa Mumuksha (link) and Andyara Prem Devi (links) have met through work in 2005 and their friendship and spiritual connection has just been enhancing since… They have jumped in a beautiful journey together to discover and reintegrate their Italian Ancestors Lineage by moving to Italy in 2005/6. Their steps were unfolding in front of their eyes and through all openness for self-discovery as well as for deep ancestors healing and integration. Till the first part of their mission journey together ended by achieving their Italian citizenship by right. Their spiritual connection into their complementary spectrums of intuitive perceptions has been announced for few teachers and healers whom they met since a few months of friendship. Their connection is a clear path of embracing duality, complementarity, polarities bringing a beautiful waving dance into its most harmonious neutral point, through authenticity and full commitment with deep communication, free expression and heart agreements. Since 2017 they have organized live events together as an opportunity for their expressions and ways of engaging with life to overflow towards more and more people that resonate and search for authenticity. And how else could they continue to express themselves in this path if not by bringing their togetherness to this open and vast virtual world? Welcoming you to show up to your own self!
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Interesting facts about their Spiritual Names

Mumuksha AND Prem Devi Mumuksha is the one who i seeking SALVATION, the final LIBERATION Devi is the Goddess or the embodiment of female energy. Prem is LOVE This is a play with our spiritual names mixed together. And that’s what these names together represent: The liberation of the female energy, the feminine, the yin. It is a movement of Love. But it is not just for women, because this yin energy has been repressed for ages, in all genders. This is a movement of love, empowerment and liberation: the liberation of the yin energy. When the yin is fully accepted and expressed, it can integrate with the yang energy within and around again, and together dance the harmony of the wholeness.
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