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Zydrune Seibutiene
(or just Jane)

Make your way to the baker thanks to some success secrets and discover how making an extra incoming.
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About this course

This Course is all about the passion and desire for baking. Jane will share with you her story, her journey, her mistakes and her knowledge, even some of her success secrets. Start from level zero and make your way to the baker with really amazing reviews. Learn how to make a fluffy and light cake base and the best brownies. You also will have a chance to learn how to decorate your cake and add a massive value to it and to create that “wow effect”. And finally Jane will talk about the business and what you need to be aware of and the ways you can make an extra income for you and your family.

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Meet the Author

Zydrune Seibutiene
(or just Jane)

Born in Lithuania, she got her master degree in business and marketing. Current 10 years now she lives in England and is one of the founders and owners of the Cotea coffeeshop in Westbourne, England. She works in Cotea as a main chef and patisserie chef and created a huge amount of her own cake recipes. Cotea is an award winning business and has loads and loads of best reviews on social media. In the past she was a wedding florists and developped her own decorating style with fresh flowers that you can appreciate in the shop’s design and of course her cakes.

  I will share with you my story, my journey, my mistakes and my knowledge, even some of my success secrets. I will let you discover the world of baking from my experience as a complete beginner to rewarded entrepeneur running my own bakery company.  

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