Introduction to Candle’s Rituals

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Candles can be messangers of our intentions. Learn how choosing the suitable color and prepare them for your rituals.


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About this course

This course aimed at those who are in the first approach or those who want to deepen the subject of Candles’s rituals.
After viewing this video course, any candle you will buy, you will look at it in a completely different way because you will have understood its intrinsic meaning. Every time you will light a candle, you will put an intention because you will have understood its power.

Many people light a candle in their home but few know the great meaning the light of the candle has and how much energy it can produce. By combining your intentions and desires for your highest good and preparing your candles, you will activate a wonderful ritual that will allow you to give strength and energy to your requests so they are heard by the Universe.
In the course you will learn to choose the color of your candle, based on your personal needs. Then you will learn to prepare it for dressing, purifying and consecrating so that it absorbs your energy and becomes a messenger of your intentions.

You will learn which are the phases of the moon suitable for your desires and needs to combine the power of nature with yours, using these channels for the ascension of your requests.

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Meet the AUTHOR


Alenima is a Reiki practitioner and a passionate about evolutionary numerology and angelic channeling. Her spiritual awakening began many years ago and in the beginning of her journey, the first activity that opened the doors of the “knowledge” to her was precisely the ritual with candles.
  The rituals help to shed a light and to create a lantern outside our doors, an indicative symbol of where we are and of our degree of awarness. Everything in our life depends on us, on our intentions and on our thinking. I charged each candle with the hope that it would help me find my way. Today, after many years, I can testify that my path has changed thanks to the wonderful energies that have been created around me.  
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  Numerologia Evolutiva

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