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Pepa Rosa Dominguez - Jagadamba

The true meaning of sexual energy and how discover our true nature to self healing and planetary healing


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Explore the power of your sacred femenine energy and sexuality in all the phases of a Woman's life and how this is linked with the path to Sacred Union with your True Nature, with others and with Mother Earth.

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Pepa Rosa Dominguez- Jagadamba

Pepa Rosa was born in Gran Canaria, she is a single mother and moved with her daughter Yani 27 years ago to UK where they still currently living. Pepa finds it a bit weird to describe herself as she does not resonates with any particular labels. According to Pepa, she has always felt a great thirst for Truth and as long as she can remember she has been on an ongoing Self enquiry journey, using her life experiences as great opportunities for growth and an ongoing unfoldment of her True essence, embracing equally with kindness and honour her own human journey with all it seemly imperfections . Pepa qualified as therapist in 2001 and started her healing practise since then, she uses her Counselling skills, craniosacral therapy, Nlp, Etiotherapy, Quantum healing and Yoga as the main approaches to treat people on a one to one level as well as a workshop facilitator. Pepa in the most recent years trained as a yoga teacher, specialising in Women’s Wellbeing including training Conscious Sacred Relating and Sexuality, and her the most recent training has been Heart of Living yoga.
 Pepa has a great passion for working with Women and children and loves working with couples on conscious relating, sacred sexuality & Conscious Conception. Pepa also facilitates often Well women workshop which enables women to reclaim their balance and power, by getting to know about women’s body/moon cycles and the power of the feminine energy in all its aspects.
 One of Pepa’s gifts is to accompany those sincere Truth seekers to find their own inner and outer way back to True Essence , making this journey as simple as possible and yet still embracing all the multiple dimensions of our Being. Pepa feels that our connection with our mother Earth is essential for our general wellbeing and for the survival and evolution of humanity and our Planet. Pepa facilitates one to one and group Fire ceremonies to enable self-healing and healing of our sacred land.
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  Pepa Rosa Dominguez (Therapy, Terapeuta)

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