Women And Men

Padma Devi

A personal and historical view of the relationship between women and men and how we can move towards a harmonious future


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About this course

A personal overview of the relationship between women and men and some hopeful ideas for moving together towards a harmonious future. How did we get here and where do we go from here?
  • The course compares the matriarchal and patriarchal perceptions around women, men and community.
  • Historical traditions and accepted behaviours based on privileged groups.
  • The choices and freedoms around sexual relationships, and the influence of pornography.
  • An overview and statistics of violence and aggression towards women.
  • Fear and victimisation and our perceptions around it.
  • Ideas for practical equality and the peace and prosperity that is met through finding harmony between women and men.

Course contents

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Meet the AUTHOR

Padma Devi

Padma has been practising and teaching yoga for over 50 years and training yoga teachers for almost as long.
She is the founder of the charitable yoga body, Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation, which trains yoga teachers and raises money to support some of the poorest children in India, Sri Lanka, Brasil and the U.K. by providing them with improved nutrition and education.
She also worked in the world of business for 30 years as well as being a professional kinesiologist. She was a wife for over 40 years to two husbands and a mother who helped to raise 6 boys and today she is delighted to be a grandmother.
Padma now shares the wisdom of yoga and meditations on YouTube, Zoom, Workplace and on the website from her peaceful home in Portugal.

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That was so beautiful, it makes so much sense and is so true. I had never seen through this perspective and still wondering why and how it all happened, but with this awareness we know that together we can change and live in happy harmony!!!





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