our commitment for a global women's community

Social Women's Projects we are supporting

The women you will meet in the following videos and their projects are very inspirational. These projects are already alive, ongoing, in movement with improvements.
We have been supporting these projects since 2018, through Heart of Living Yoga Foundation  and now the ISW intends to speed up on making these benefits available for them and their communities.

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We support them by sending 10% of our gross earnings

to create all that they need to carry on and keep their good work.

But we don't want to stop here!

We have plans to support other women’s social projects around the world.
So keep your eyes open on us and soon you will find out much more about it.

Turn on the subtitles and enjoy their stories!

Hello my name is Jhenifer
Chapada dos Veadeiros - Alto Paraíso de Goiás - Brazil


Jhenifer lives about 50km from the nearest town. It is a rural area, no asphalt to get there and the facilities of infrastructure are not many around there. She supports extra education for children from that area, inspiring them to read, write and other subjects.
Chapada dos Veadeiros - Alto Paraíso de Goiás - Brazil

Dona Romilda

Dona Romilda and her family have dedicated their lives to supporting children for more than 60 years. Through Paulo de Tarso Foundation they have an organized space for Nursery, Provisory Home, Rooms for art, music, reading and computers and in that way they aid children from different needs, backgrounds and ages.
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Manaus - Amazon - Brazil

Claudia Baré

Professora Claudia Baré for many years teaches native children and adults from Parque da Tribos in Manaus to keep their culture, traditions, languages and native skills alive. She has unified about 35 different ethnicities honouring their diversity in common ground.
Manaus - Amazon - Brazil

Márcia Novo

The project Indigenous Lives Matter, from the Brazilian singer Márcia Novo, through the Fundação Amazônia Sustentável - FAS, in Manaus aids lots of indigenous communities, whether in urban centers urbanised areas or in isolated places with difficult access in the middle of the forest. Their projects are focused on supporting native women to keep their culture and traditions alive while developing sources of income.
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We also have future projects in plan

Young Ladies and
a bright future for all

Stories from women in their young ages about creativity, inspiration, innovation, inventions, dreams…

International School For Men

We hold as a vision for a short upcoming future to have the doors open of the International School For Men with the same mission, vision but just for men
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Yoga with Prem

Yoga is for everyone!
This is what Prem believes and lives!
She is happy to be sharing at the ISW this fantastic way to ease your bodies, have peace of mind and deep the recognition of our senses through the exploration of Yoga from the heart. Prem is a Heart of Living Yoga Teacher and Teacher Trainer.

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